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Writer’s Rant:

I’ve been working on something that I really like but hate at the same time. I just can’t get it right on paper.

In my mind, the ideas are great, unique, and horrifying. However, the moment my fingers begin clacking away, I cant seem to move past the open ring sequence.

It’s absolute shit when I try to push my thoughts through metamorphosis. Nevertheless, what emerges from the pod isn’t a beautiful butterfly, but a piece of turd with tiny sized crippled wings.


Coming Soon – .doc


I am a scammer, a hacker. I peek into your lives, and I know all of your most guarded secrets. Clacking away at the keys, I sit in a dark world of an unknown place – untraceable and obscure – guided by the glow of my screen.

Until that night night I opened the inbox with a single message without a subject or title. Attached,.doc opened an evil birthed from the fathoms of an indescribable horror that must be told.

And this is my story.

A Rookie’s Mistake

Didn’t enable comments to any of my stories. Not to say my writing instilled you readers with a sudden burst of inspiration. But I believe it is only fair to at least leave a small box for people to tell me to fuck off, or to tell me “this is shit.” But most importantly, finding no comments is quite inspiring for me as a horror writer. Because maybe, just possibly, this unharnessed imagination – now inscribed into small little tid-bitty electronic tales – is thrusting your minds into shear unimaginable terror in which the only human and sensible thing to do is to run far, far, away.

Please forgive me, I am still learning how to navigate this website and thank you for everything.


Countdown to Halloween

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I debated this one nearly all day. I really wanted to go back to H.P. Lovecraft, but I had the sick and twisted mind of Thomas Ligotti and the more traditional spooky scares of King getting in the way and mucking everything to shit.

The truth is, after reading an intro into the HPL mythos like Dagon, its extremely difficult to stop there. In fact, with the story being as short as it is, I wanted to keep on going. Fascinated by the world Lovecraft created, I felt an indescribably urge to uncover it all.  Nevertheless, reaching for The Rats in the Walls or The Dreams of a Witch House were not the flavors that would indulge my pallet.

I wanted Shoggoth, Ancient Ones, Fish Heads, Fish eyes that never blinked!

With that being said, I’ll leave you all with my third short story recommendation.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth

By H.P. Lovecraft

Writers Note: Novella*


Countdown to Halloween

October 2


H.P. Lovecraft

One of HPLs earliest stories, short and sweet. Could have been the first piece that launched the mythos.

Let me know your thoughts.